A Better Metabolism for a Healthier Lifestyle

Turning Fat into Energy – Living a good lifestyle means taking care of your body, and one of its crucial components is knowing how your metabolism works. Metabolism, in its simplest meaning, is an energy-conversion process that happens inside the body. It runs 24/7, burning calories and converting nutrients for your body to absorb to […]

Time to Bust Some Fitness Myths

Health myths to debunk – It is human nature to be curious, endlessly seeking answers and trying to come up with explanations for each phenomenon. It is not surprising, therefore, how Filipinos display such qualities and how creative we can get about satisfying it. While listening to your mom’s pamahiin is very amusing, Filipinos tend to […]

A Hundred Foot Wellness Journey Starts with a Single Step

STARTING YOUR WELLNESS JOURNEY – With the increasing work pressure and deadlines, one’s way of recent living has truly turned upside down. People of this generation have mostly set their career goals, but are truly in need of improving mindsets in order to bring more balance to their general well-being. Here’s how: With the increasing work […]